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Digital transformation, customer experience, or even the digital brand launch. We develop your strategy for your digital project. Based on various analysis methods and our extensive experience in the digital. Consulting,we design individual solutions for any digital challenge. 

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    Strategy for pioneering web developments of online shops.

    No project can succeed without a clear strategy. We make your business model our strategy by determining the current state with analytical tools and working from here to the goal of your online shop. On the way there, we leverage the features of the Shopware 6 shop system and other software for strategic alignment in your market segment.

    Plan your strategy well and align it with target audiences with the experience of Hob by Horse.

    Preparation is half the project work. So, we sit down with you during digital consulting and define your milestones. This results in a strategy with individual solutions for the functionality of your online shop, design details, and short-term as well as long-term marketing campaigns. From your existing knowledge about target audiences, sales successes, potential seasonal fluctuations, and trend developments in your e-commerce industry, we derive the strategic definitions that we ultimately implement as a digital project with modern software. As a shop operator, you benefit from the latest, currently prevalent tools and a high degree of automation. Your target audiences expect a shopping experience that is tailored as individually as possible to their needs.

    Example services of a functioning strategy for online shops

    A good strategy involves complex components of the operation, updating, and presentation of online shops. For this, Hob by Horse offers you the following (exemplarily explained) strategic services with expertise and experience:

    • Target Audience Analysis:As part of the market analysis, it provides insight into the habits, expectations, and needs of customers for your product or service in your specific market segment or on a broadly positioned market.
    • Persona Development: From the analysis values, we can characterize features of your target audience and use them as a user model for predictions about the potential success of the marketing strategy.
    • User Stories: In this case, the added value for customers of your online shop is formulated as a user experience report on software features from their perspective.
    • UX Testing: This is active user research on the behavior of your target audience regarding the individual applications and services on the shop page.
    • Requirements Management: This element of your e-commerce strategy deals with optimizing fulfilled requirements according to new or changed customer needs and expectations for the shopping experience in your online shop.
    • Process Analysis: With this, we examine process control components in your online shop and make targeted optimizations based on analyzed weaknesses.
    • Digital Marketing Conception: E-commerce is the best example of digitized business models. Accordingly, we develop concepts for customer-oriented sales strategies through the combination of short-term and long-term marketing campaigns.

    Strategy for Online Shops with High Industry Relevance

    Government agencies and institutions require a different strategy for the digital marketing of their products and services compared to companies in the trade of food, fashion items, furniture and accessories, as well as all lifestyle products. A hotel and gastronomy business must reach its audience differently than a supplier of production parts for the automotive industry. We view your business model with our industry experience in the right place and position you distinctly there.

    Advantages of the strategy development by Hob by Horse for your target audiences

    A good strategy is also half the battle for sales success in e-commerce. B2C audiences only take fractions of seconds to find the best search result and follow the link offerings. You may have a few more moments to convey relevant information and thus the expertise of your business model to the B2B audience of retailers. For this, we take analysis time in advance to subsequently create a shopping world that is attractive to all target audiences from your project.

    Do you already have a strategy or do you want to strategically position your online shop better in your industry as a whole? Then Hob by Horse looks forward to your call or email! Together, we will find the best solutions for the digital commerce at a future level for you.